The Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) Travel Awards sponsored by the Vice President of Research aims to support professional development and high-impact experience of the graduate and professional students at Texas A&M University.

Travel Award Categories

Type I Awards: Worth a maximum of $500.00 USD.

Available to applicants participating as a commentator, panel chair, or presenter of at least one of the following: paper, poster, workshop, recital, case competition display, or work of art or design.

Type II Awards: Worth a maximum of $300.00 USD.

Available to applicants who are a co-author/co-creator of the paper, poster, workshop, recital, case competition display, or work of art or design but are not presenting; are attending a professional committee meeting as an officer (applicants needs to provide additional proof of membership on committee); or are traveling to another institution for education or training pertaining to applicant’s research or degree.

Type III Awards: Worth a maximum of $100.00 USD.

Available to applicants who are attending a conference related to their field but not presenting research; are attending a career fair; or are attending an audition.

Travel Award Dates


Applicants must be from an eligible Graduate or Professional Student Organization. Travel award eligibility is determined from Senator attendance at GPSG Senate meetings.

To check if your department is eligible, click here

Abstract Rubric (max 6 points)
  • (1 point) Goal, hypothesis, or description
    • The scholarly project had a goal, argument, or logical hypothesis that was stated clearly and concisely.
  • (1 point) Background
    • Sufficient background information was provided so as to provide connections to broader issues or context for the work.
  • (1 points) Methods
    • Choice of methods addressed the hypothesis or goal of project


    • The project’s theoretical framework was clearly explained.
  • (1 point) Results
    • Data has been collected which addresses the goal or hypothesis.


    • Analysis of the primary sources or texts has demonstrated the soundness of the claim made.
  • (1 point) Significance
    • Abstract addresses significance of project.
  • (1 point) Conclusions
    • Reasonable conclusions were drawn that connected to project goals or hypothesis.
Personal Statement Rubric (max 5 points)
  • (1 point) What are your motivations for attending the event?
  • (1 point) What are the benefits (tangible or intangible) you expect to receive from participating in said event?
  • (2 points) How will your participation in said event aid in your professional and/or career development? For example
    • Improving science communication skills
    • Networking for future career trajectory
    • Networking for project collaboration
  • (1 point) Anything else you deem necessary and/or would like to share with the selection committee? For example
    • Academic and/or research excellence
    • Financial need
    • How will Texas A&M University benefit from your participation from said event?


Detailed information regarding the Award can be found here: GPSC-Travel-Awards-Policies-2019-2020_v1


The application for Fall Travel will open Friday, July 26th, 2019 at 12am and can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact the Scholarship Committee: Awards Chair

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