Internal Committee Information

2019-2020 Committee Descriptions

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The Graduate and Professional Student Government relies heavily on the efforts of the Legislative Standing Committees to help oversee the many different and important roles that take place in the Government. The specific details of each of the Standing Committees are given below.  Each of the three committees is based on one of the Pillars of the Government, directed by one of the Vice Presidents, and includes two co-chairs for different focuses of the committee.

The Advocacy Committee, directed by the Vice President of University Affairs, shall address concerns of Student Affairs and of Legislative Affairs.

The Co-Chair for Student Affairs shall:

Address issues concerning education, research, and financial support that affect the quality of the graduate and professional student academic experience; and
Address issues concerning student health, personal and family welfare, personal budget, child care, etc. which affect the quality of graduate and professional student life outside of the academic experience.

The Co-Chair for Legislative Affairs shall:

Address legislation that affects graduate and professional students at the local, state, and national levels;
Examine legislative issues, especially during years that the Legislature of the State of Texas is not in session, so that the Government is prepared to address issues effectively within the Legislature’s limited timetable; and
Maintain a knowledge of Faculty Senate, University Staff Council, and undergraduate Student Government Association resolutions and proceedings, including sending liaisons to the meetings of those bodies.

The Community Committee, directed by the Vice President of Information, shall address concerns of Diversity, Inclusion, and International Student Affairs and Programming, Service, and Recruitment.

The Co-Chair for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and International Student Affairs shall:

Address issues unique to the diverse graduate and professional student body;
Work closely with University offices such as International Student Services, Multicultural Services, the Vice President of Global Initiative, the Vice President of Diversity, the GLBT Resource Center, the Women’s Resource Center, and other interested parties to ensure graduate and professional students are voiced; and
Keep graduate and professional students apprised of relevant and pertinent information related to diversity and international student issues.

The Co-Chair for Programming, Service, and Recruitment shall:

Plan events to foster community and fellowship among the graduate and professional student body, including all social, professional functions;
Coordinate all events of the Graduate and Professional Student Government related to charitable causes and service to the community;
Pursue relevant opportunities for service to University and local communities;
Ensure that the Government is continually engaged in charitable and service-oriented works;
Recruit graduate and professional students to attend events and become involved in the Government;
Reach out to entities which may benefit from sending Senators to Government meetings; and
Serve as a liaison between the Government and underrepresented departments, programs, and organizations.

The Scholarship Committee, directed by the Vice President of Finance, shall address concerns of Awards and Professional Development and Research and Grants.

The Co-Chair for Awards and Professional Development shall:

Oversee the Government’s Travel, Book, and Government Awards programs, with the exception of Student Research Week awards; and
Work with the Vice President of Finance to ensure funds are available for the Awards programs.

The Co-Chair for Research and Grants shall:

Collect and curate submissions for graduate and professional student features on the Government Research Spotlight and in formal publications;
Research and develop a website dedicateed to professional research and human subject recruitment for researchers at the University;
Address issues relevant to graduate and professional student research; and
Serve as a resource for the Student Research Week Program Director and Committee.

The Marketing Director is a member of the Executive Branch, and shall:

Promote all Government-sponsored events; and
Maintain and update Government logos and branding guides as needed.