Brief Overview:

The Ombuds Officer serves as an informal, neutral and confidential resource for graduate students to discuss questions and concerns related to their graduate experience. Having a safe, off-the-record conversation with an Ombuds Officer can be a first step when conflicts or misunderstandings arise. The Ombuds Officer is here to help graduate students identify options for addressing concerns and will promote a fair and impartial process for all parties involved.

Services Offered:

  • Listen and help you achieve a greater understanding of a problem.
  • Help you find information applicable to your situation and identify possible solutions to your problem.
  • Explain University policies and procedures and how they apply to your specific case.
  • Help you identify options for resolving conflicts with colleagues, staff, faculty, and advisors.
  • Help you achieve fair and equitable solutions to problems.
  • Facilitate communication among people in conflict.
  • Provide other types of assistance to help you resolve a problem informally.
  • Refer you to formal grievance or appeal procedures if you wish to engage in a formal process.
  • Identify trends or patterns of complaints that might be systemic.
  • Offer recommendations for changes to policies/procedures that appear outdated or problematic, while maintaining confidentiality.